Exciting news has been released by Jan Hammer! Mail has been sent to all JanHammer.com newsgroup readers. The following is a compilation of that email.

First up, due to frequent fan requests over the years, Jan Hammer will finally be stepping into the 21st Century with the creation of an Official Facebook Page where he will be posting on an ongoing basis. You can check it out at:


Jan Hammer is also very excited to announce the creation of the all-new Official Jan Hammer YouTube Channel. It is a growing work in progress which will quickly become the definitive Jan Hammer "videopedia". There will be regular additions of audio and video, both new and old, popular and rare, and even complete albums.

Subscribers to the channel will have the added advantage of being notified when there are exciting new additions and maybe a special announcement or two. You can find Jan's official YouTube channel at:


Lastly is the announcement of the addition of a new anthology, Miami Vice Special Edition, to the music streaming universe. This 32 track digital-only release will allow fans to stream music from the landmark television series on YouTube and elsewhere. It will feature all of the great Miami Vice classics, and you might even find some previously unreleased music in there was well.

Jan will post tracks from Miami Vice Special Edition to his official YouTube channel on a daily basis and will continue to do so over the next few days until the compilation is complete.

For those of you on Spotify, Miami Vice Special Edition is now available for streaming and, if you are interested in purchasing the album as a digital download, you can find it on CD Baby here:


And lastly Jan gives a very very strong hint on a NEW ALBUM!!