One Way's 2002 collection Miami Vice: The Complete Collection goes beyond simply reissuing the two original Miami Vice soundtrack albums: 1985's Miami Vice and 1988's Miami Vice II -- instead, it concentrates on the music Jan Hammer created for the series. Everything Hammer released on the Miami Vice soundtracks, along with assorted tracks from three other albums, is presented on the first disc. The second disc consists of material Jan Hammer wrote and recorded for the series during its entire run, all newly recorded by Hammer in 2001. This includes expanded version of incidental music he used in many different episodes and, on occasion, composites of several different themes (such as "Incoming," which pieces together music from several boat chases). Although this music is newly recorded, it fits easily next to the original soundtrack albums, and is a wholly welcome addition to the Miami Vice and Jan Hammer canon alike. The set is topped off with excellent liner notes by Jacquelyn Veinot, that not only give an over view of Jan Hammer's work for the show, but also provides track-by-track annotation of all 44 songs here, detailing where they were used on the show, often with comments by Hammer himself. Overall, it's an excellent package, a welcome addition to Hammer's catalog. 


-- Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide