Chicago Tribune April 15, 1977


Jeff Beck With The Jan Hammer Group Live (Epic PE 34433)

It is a rare achievement when the electricity and excitement generated during a live performance are captured on vinyl. But Jeff Beck With The Jan Hammer Group Live succeeds in reproducing the spirit of this unusual collaboration in concert.
Jeff Beck, an unparalleled rock guitarist, has joined forces with Jan Hammer, a synthesizer genius formerly with the Mahavishnu Orchestra. The joy of this record is that it never degenerates into a typical superstar jam. Rather Beck shades his razor-sharp guitar work to accent the jazz/rock fusion music of the Jan Hammer Group. The amazing guitar wizardry of Beck combines with haunting keyboard playing by Hammer to make Jeff Beck With The Jan Hammer Group truly come alive.



Breathless jazz-rock gymnastics from Beck, of the celebrated 60's Yardbird trinity (with Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page). He has mastered virtually all modern guitar dialects-heavy metal, blues, astral jazz-and can scorch or soothe at will. Hammer the master of electric keyboards (piano and synthesizers) who played with the Mahavishnu Orchestra adds his exuberance to the collaboration.

Beck/Hammer Detroit Free Press March 27, 1977

Jeff Beck with the Jan Hammer Group "LIVE" (Epic PE 34433)

Recording Quality: Superb
Performance: Exemplary

Jeff Beck is of course, one of the finest guitarists around. From the time he first achieved fame in the legendary Yardbirds, he has been in the forefront of a number of developments extending the scope of modern music.
Jan Hammer, originally from Czechoslovakia, has been in the mainstream of both jazz and rock and has contributed many innovations with his exciting keyboard and synthesizer work.
Here they combine their talents in an album that ranges from jazz/rock to almost classical with some Eastern influences thrown in. It's an exciting album, made even more so by the subtle live feel of the recording.