Jeff Beck and Jan Hammer, Royal Albert Hall London, 23-6-2004 


The concert started at 19:30 with the performance of Amy Wadge as a warming up. 

After that the stage was party cleared in preparation for the main act. 

Taking a look at the floor to see where Jan Hammer would be I noticed one keyboard, which was what looked to me like the Korg Triton. After they entered the stage under the guidance of the aplauding audience they opened with an introduction theme that I did not recognize and then kicked it off with "Star Cycle" which have both Jeff Beck and Jan Hammer show what they can do, which is have a sort of soloing battle between Jan pitchbending and playing his Triton and Jeff Beck squeezing the most out of his guitar. 

The concert really focused on both Jeff Beck and Jan Hammer, 2 songs from Jan's album "Beyond the mind's eye" were played as well with scenes from the animated video by the same name. one song was "Nothing but love" and the other "Voyage home" I was really pleased to hear them play those songs. 

There were some guest performances as well by a pretty woman in a beautifull red dress (I have no idea who that was) and Imogen Heap singing on Rollin' And Tumblin'. 

Much to my surprise Jimmy Page snuck up from behind the stage to play 2 songs together with Jeff. 

Further songs performed were amongst others Blue Wind, Led Boots, Freeway Jam and People Get Ready as the closing song. 

All in all a perfect concert and I hope something like this will happen very soon again, a world tour would be perfect 

Martijn Kalf