Sílene smutná princezna (1968)
(The Princess Sad Like Crazy)


A young prince, son of king Jindřich, is to marry daughter of king Dobromysl. However, he makes off during a journey to Dobromysl and later reaches the king's castle, where he in secret wants to learn something about his future wife. He meets a girl, who turns out to be the princess, and is subsequently prisoned in a dungeon. The princess doesn't know that he is the prince and she falls in love with him. Since she wants to marry him, the only way how to achieve it is to pretend that she is sad and she will offer her hands only to a man, who will make her happy (to him).

However, then she finds out that the boy in the prison, who is to be soon executed, is a prince, and his momentary situation will cause a war between the two kingdoms that is eagerly supported by royal ministers Iks and Ypsilon. In the end, Iks and Ypsilon are neutralized, the war ends and the prince with the princess celebrate a wedding.

Another (third) fairy-tale of Borivoj Zeman, not so successful like his previous ones, but still exceptionally good (2,9 million spectators) and filled with beautiful music composed by Jan Hammer, who later emmigrated and became a respected music composer even in the West. Václav Neckár and Helena Vondrácková were members of a music group the Golden Kids (together with Marta Kubišová) and very popular singers of that time (Vondráčková is still one of the most popular singer-women in Czech republic, especially after her recent comeback). Only in the enormously obese Neckár nobody would recognize somebody, who once performed a prince (however, he lost 30 kgs recently).