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    Erwin Vos

    The very popular Wavestation Synthesizer from Korg was based on the ProphetVS from Sequential Circuits. Complex sounds can be created by combing and altering digital waveforms by a method of synthesis called Advanced Vector Synthesis and Wave Sequencing synthesis. The Wavestation had 2MB of ROM based samples at your disposal. Programming is not easy but this great digital synth is capable of great ambient sounds and strange effects. It has lowpass filtering and onboard effects which are pretty nice. This synth is easily upgraded and expandable with PCM cards.

    In 1992 the Wavestation EX was released (pictured above). The EX added 150 more waveforms (4MB) including acoustic instruments and drums. The EX could be upgraded to the EXK-WS which adds 8 multi-effects including: Mod Pitch Shift-Delay, Stereo Compressor-Limiter/Gate, Vocoder, Overdrive and Distortion effects, transposable keyboard and added MIDI implementation and control.

    Technical Info
    Polyphony: 32 Voices
    Oscillators: Digital synth with 2MB ROM samples, Vector Synthesis, Wave Sequencing
    Multitimbral: 16 parts
    VCF: 1 LowPass filter per voice
    Memory: 150 patches
    Keyboard: 61 keys (velocity / aftertouch)
    Effects: 2 onboard effects
    Control: MIDI (up to 8 channels at a time)

    source: https://www.vintagesynth.com

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